Tips for Getting the Best Budget e-cig starter kit


Picking an e-cig while you are in a tight money situation can be a daunting task, yet it does not need to be. Going for the budget category of e-cig should not mean that you are compromising quality and comfort. Far from that, you are only looking for the same thing as the best-rated e-cig mods out there, only that you want it at a reduced rate. Thus, the only thing you should be ready to let go is the size of the tank. The efficiency and performance ratings of your budget choice are as important as they would be on a high-end choice. Follow these tips to understand the budget e-cig category and pick what suits you best.


The shape and other appearances

A budget choice should come with a handy design making it easy to hold and comfortable to use over an extended period. Pen-shaped e-cigs mods are preferable since they make their use easy, anyone could do it. There are other design details to examine. For instance, the small and cylinder shape should not be a reason for compromising on the coil style and capabilities. Sub Ohm coils will be the most prevalent in the budget category because of the small battery size of the kit, but they should be high-quality coils.

The comprehensiveness of the kit

Manufacturers understand that vaping clients will not rely on one e-cig forever. They need a kit that gives them several tanks, coils or refills options. The bundled products are most important in a budget purchase setting since you will be spending significant time away from the seller. You do not want a situation where you wait too long for a next refill due to shipment issues. The battery included should also be large enough to last at least a day. That way, you can plan your trips to work, school, and other places without worry of low battery notifications and not being able to cool down your nerves when you need.

Replacement parts

The best way to adjust a budget e-cig kit is by going for replacement parts. Nonetheless, finding the parts for a small e-cig can be hard if you are looking for after-market mods. The best tip is to go for a kit that already gives you several coils. The iJUST S by Leaf is an example of a sub-Ohm that comes with a choice of three coils, with one fitted and two sitting in the box as replacements. Hence, you would not need to go shopping again for coils.

Charging options

The days of replaceable batteries are long gone because those parts were not futuristic. You needed to buy batteries and walk with them until the replacement was due. Nowadays, charging is the way to go. However, you need a charging option that is almost universal. Most smartphones have micro USB chargers with about 5V, though you need to be careful with the current delivered. It is easier for you to have your e-cig kit that accepts your cellphone charger, even though it comes with its charger. You can take it on the move with no pressures on where to find power.

A visit to their website should offer the choice you are looking for given that the price is right within budget, and the kit surpasses some of the budget tips provided in this article. For instance, it is a two-day battery kit with three Sub-Ohm coil options.


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